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About Us

Here at CFC Ahead we produce small films about the mighty Carlton Football Club. We are committed to helping the enviroment and the community.

Enviroment: we produce 600W of electricity (100W from solar and 500W from wind) which produces enough to power our editing computer and charging our video cameras and mobile phones and NBN Modem. We would like to in the future get a 6.3kW Solar system so we can export into the grid.

Community: we donate 65% of our revenue to 13 charitable orginisations... So that is 5% to each of the orginasions below.

What We Do

Presently we are producing an Internet tv show with Bluebaggers answering the question 'I am a bluebagger because?' .As I live in Hobart I am not able to attend every Carlton game; but will update the website to let Bluebaggers know that I'll be there. If you are attending any of these games lookout for me if you would like to appear and/or become a CFC Ahead Member to help produce more episodes in future seasons. Otherwise you can email your video answering 'I am a bluebagger because?' to [email protected] or by snail mail to the address at the bottom of this website. With covid we are not available to goto games...

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Pilot Episode

Episode 1

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CFC Ahead,

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+61 482058816


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